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Women are calling it “Life Changing”

Have you experienced urogynological changes? Changes like vaginal looseness, painful sex, vaginal burning or itching, multiple bladder infections or bladder leaks/urinary incontinence ? Or do you have difficulty with arousal and sensitivity? You are not alone! 

Millions of women suffer from problems with their vaginal health. Whether due to a decline in estrogen levels resulting from menopause, breast cancer or other, approximately 50% of women suffer from vaginal atrophy or other changes in their vaginal health, including severe dryness and painful intercourse. With limited treatment options, many women suffered in silence.

However, the days of "dealing with it" are over thanks to revolutionary treatments at the Charlotte Center for Pelvic Health, including the MonaLisa Touch®, Emsella, Geneveve and more. With virtually no discomfort, no down time, and symptoms improving after even the first treatment, you no longer have to live with vaginal atrophy or other problems with your vaginal health.

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Adem hasanaj
Adem hasanaj
20:04 26 Aug 18
Lovely and smooth experience! The Dr was really friendly and informative. Sedation was very nice, used with an IV. A pinch from the IV going into your vein is all the pain you will go through with the sedation vasectomy. All I remember from the surgery is being cleaned and then waking up with the surgery completed. I was a little loopy when waking up and when I got home I passed out for a good 4 hours. The anesthitist was also amazing with helping me before and after the surgery plus giving me all the information I could need. He even gave me his personal number if I had any problems later that day. Highly recommended!read more
Dr. J
Dr. J
20:09 04 Aug 18
Dr. H was very professional and friendly with a great bedside manner. The procedure was essentially painless with only slight discomfort. The next day (today) has been normal daily activities with no pain or discomfort. I haven’t taken anything for pain yesterday or today. Overall I am extremely pleased with Dr. H and his staff. They explained everything well, answered all my questions, and made the entire procedure very easy. I could not have imagined being this active and pain free the day after my procedure. I would not hesitate to recommend him to others!read more
Randy Massey
Randy Massey
02:29 27 May 18
My experience was amazing , the doctor makes you feel calm and also makes the procedure very quick and painless .. I love how he keeps everything clean and also keeps it quick and full of laughter .. I really appreciate this experience. Sincerely, more
John Hettiarachchi
John Hettiarachchi
20:05 16 Nov 17
My experience with Dr. Hettiarachchi is good. He is friendly and he stays on the job
Linda King
Linda King
02:18 01 Nov 17
Dr. H and his staff are wonderful! I was so impressed by Dr. H knowledge, compassion and bed side manner. I felt empowered by all knowledge I gained about my body. This is truly a life changer. I felt so comfortable with Dr. H and know that He is a great asset to woman's health. Thank you so muck for more
Brandy Ritch
Brandy Ritch
13:03 14 Jul 16
This is a new breakthrough in pelvic health. Just when we all thought there was no hope as women get older, now this is like a fountain of youth for the vaginal area. This new laser that Dr. Hettiarachchi uses treats many different symptoms including painful sex, mild incontinence, vaginal dryness, itching and burning. The procedure is painless and the results that we have seen are amazing. As women get older, they do not enjoy intimacy as much as they used to due to some of these symptoms and with this treatment, it makes this more enjoyable for women as well as their significant other and the men cannot keep up with the women now. Dr. Hettiarachchi is a caring physician that takes pride in his knowledge and strives to learn new and amazing treatments for his patients. The MonaLisa is a new amazing treatment that he uses to now treat women's more
Zhane Osborne
Zhane Osborne
13:00 14 Jul 16
This Machine is something that patients are calling life changing, as an employee for Charlotte Center For Pelvic Health i have seen many lives change in an optimistic way. This latest technology for vaginal health is fast and easy procedure to restore vaginal health for females suffering with painful intercourse, dryness, irritation, and stress incontinence. If more women were aware of this latest technology offered many more lives could be more
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Vaginal Health by the Numbers

2 out of 4 Women suffer from changes to their vaginal health1,2

80% of women who suffer from vaginal health issues report that it negatively impacts their lives2

1. OBG Manag. 2015;27(8):e1–e6.
2. Clin Med Insights Reprod Health. 2014; 8: 23–30.
Icons made by Scott de Jonge from is licensed by CC 3.0 BY

See How Women's Lives Have Improved

An End to Vaginal Dryness & Atrophy

Mary Jo speaks about her experience with MonaLisa Touch treatment, including the benefits women with severe vaginal dryness can expect.

Treating Bladder Leaks and Getting Your "Mojo" Back

Tiffany talks about her experience with the Geneveve procedure and the benefits that one can expect from the procedure, including the fix for bladder leaking.

The fix for painful sexual discomfort

Debra shares how the MonaLisa Touch treatment restored her vaginal health after suffering from vaginal dryness and painful intercourse.

It's OK to talk about it... Because now you can do something about it!

Minimally and Non invasive treatments with little or no downtime restore women’s vaginal health and sexual wellness. No more leaks. No More vaginal pain. No more vaginal dryness.

Dr. Hettiarachchi's Appearance on Charlotte Today

Trust your Pelvic care to a Pelvic Specialist

Dr. Hettiarachchi – The Pelvic Center

Dr. Hettiarachchi – The Pelvic Center

Our team, led by Dr. John Hettiarachchi, has many years of experience treating a wide range of urologic and pelvic conditions. Dr. Hettiarachchi is the only urologist in the area who is dual board certified in Urology and Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery (FPMRS). He was 1 of 1000 specialists in the United States to qualify for the FPMRS board certification. He was the first physician in the Greater Charlotte area to provide his patients with specialized care for sexual, urinary, vaginal and pelvic wellness that includes minimally and non-invasive therapies to manage vaginal pain, dryness, leaky bladder and improve sexual function. He is uniquely qualified to assess patients for this form of revitalizing vaginal therapy.

Physicians, physician spouses and health care professionals choose Dr. Hettiarachchi and Charlotte Center for Pelvic Health for their pelvic wellness and treatments. Women have traveled from out of state seeking Dr. Hettiarachchi's expert opinion for their symptoms of painful intercourse and leaky bladder. They are referring their mothers for recurrent UTI's and incontinence and their daughters for vaginal looseness and dryness. It is a true honor to be able to serve the growing community of empowered women.

Dr Hettiarachchi has surgical privileges with several local hospitals including Carolinas Health Care system hospitals, Lake Norman Regional Medical Center and Wilkes Regional Medical Center. Over the last 15 years, he has performed extensive and complicated surgeries on both men and women including bladder, kidney, prostate, penile and female pelvic prolapse procedures.

Even with Dr Hettiarachchi's unsurpassed experience in the field and his expertise with multiple treatment technologies, listening is still a major part of any treatment plan. Treatment always starts with listening to the patient's concerns and medical history, analyzing her symptoms, and customizing a course of action that will work for her. You can be assured that you will receive the best of care, your concerns will always be heard and you will always be treated with kindness by our long-standing expert team.

Dr. Hettiarachchi is neither owned nor employed by a hospital nor is he part of a mega medical group. The Pelvic Center is not governed by Health Insurance authorizations for medical care provided. As the expert in his field and sole owner of his medical practice, Dr. Hettiarachchi has the ability to customize the therapy that is right for you, which won't be delayed by Insurance company's attempt to dictate medical care provided or limited by hospital resources. He feels privileged to be able to offer so many options to women that are offered nowhere else.

Dr. Hettiarachchi named a RealSelf Top DoctorDr. Hettiarachchi named a RealSelf Top Doctor

Based on the strength of his credentials, patient results, and expertise, Dr. Hettiarachchi has been named a “Top Doctor” by RealSelf, a recognition awarded to less than 10% of doctors. This status is earned by achieving high patient satisfaction (as reported in RealSelf reviews), getting favorable feedback on expert answers, and investing significant time in Q&A and other doctor activity. Read Dr. Hettiarachchi’s reviews here.

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