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Dr. Hettiarachchi on Charlotte Today – August 20

Dr. Hettiarachchi on Charlotte Today – August 20

“Women across Charlotte are calling it life-changing”

The MonaLisa Touch was developed in Italy in 2012 and is designed to rejuvenate vaginal tissue and build up collagen to reduce incontinence. Some med spas and other facilities have begun to offer this and similar procedures, but Dr. Hettiarachchi emphasizes the need for women to be treated by a qualified professional. Other practices don’t necessarily provide the best results, so you need to be evaluated properly by a specialist. The MonaLisa Touch has been providing almost immediate relief for patients, who have expressed that, “after the first treatment, the wow factor was back.”

Additionally, the Emsella Chair provides a nonsurgical, minimally invasive option for women struggling with incontinence. It allows patients to remain fully clothed and be treated with the equivalent of 11,000 Kegel exercises in just 25 minutes. This is a safe, effective method providing thorough relief in just six treatments.

You don’t just have to live with painful intercourse and incontinence – there are nonsurgical solutions at the Charlotte Center for Pelvic Health.

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Dr. John Hettiarachchi, FACS FPMRS

Dr. John Hettiarachchi, FACS FPMRS