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Dr. Hettiarachchi for Lake Norman Woman Magazine, April 2018

Dr. Hettiarachchi for Lake Norman Woman Magazine, April 2018

This month, Dr. John Hettiarachchi explains the difficult effects incontinence can have, and introduces EMSella as a unique solution.

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Yes, that’s right …the best medical advice a urology and pelvic specialist can give—keep Mom (Dad too) out of diapers. Why is this so important? Because one of the top reasons adults end up in nursing homes is because their family is no longer able to manage their elderly parents’ incontinence. All too often, families are not available or are physically unable to tend to such issues, so the incontinence becomes a hygienic problem and can lead to infections as well as skin breakdown and ulcerations.

Bladder issues can start early in life, and at least 50 percent of women experience mild to moderate (if not severe) urinary incontinence. Women are challenged throughout the day, and patients often tell me that they are unable to exercise without wearing pads or diapers; some women avoid uids all together just so they can make the drive to work without having to stop to use the restroom. So many women start leading unhealthy lifestyles—dehydrating themselves and avoiding exercise—so they are not embarrassed by bulky pads or a leaky bladder.

While Kegel exercises are recommended and important to do, can you do more than 11,000 in less than 30 minutes?! YES you can! One session on the EMSella chair creates intense muscle contractions … more than 11,000 Kegel exercises in 28 minutes. EMSella is the game-changing technology just approved by the FDA for incontinence and will reduce, and possibly eliminate, the need for pads/ diapers, medications, and some forms of surgeries. As a surgeon specializing in Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery (FPMRS), I foresee a reduction in the use of Bladder Botox, bladder slings, prolapse surgeries, and InterStim.

The physiology behind EMSella is like resistance training. It increases blood flow and brings nutrients to stimulate the neural pathways to the muscles that are exercised. So think of it as pelvic exercise without the sweat! You can just sit there and read a magazine while the EMSella chair does the work for you. You don’t even have to disrobe! Restoration of better blood flow with neuromuscular pathways for the entire pelvic skeletal muscles encompassing the bladder, rectum, and even the vagina, promotes an anti-aging effect in the entire pelvis. In fact, MRI studies show muscle bulking after the therapy, and it has been effective in all forms of urine and fecal incontinence with the added benefit of better vaginal tone. Again, we are the first in North Carolina to offer the EMSella chair. The treatment protocol is two sessions a week for three weeks, and we have seen patients experience noticeable results in as little as two sessions.

At the Pelvic Center, we focus on revitalizing/ rejuvenating the pelvis without medications or surgeries— using the latest, cutting-edge technologies. Before any treatment options are undertaken, I recommend evaluation by a specialist who will obtain a detailed history, including surgical history, and then perform a thorough vaginal exam, identifying the health of the vaginal tissue, length, caliber, and prolapse. We also offer the MonaLisa vaginal laser treatment at the Charlotte Center for Pelvic Health, and you can see our full menu of services at


Dr. John Hettiarachchi, Fellow of the American College of Surgeons, is board certified in Urology and Urological Surgery and subspecialty certified in Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery. The Charlotte Center for Pelvic Health is the first and only pelvic specialty practice in the Charlotte region offering multiple cutting-edge non-hormonal, non-surgical therapies.




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