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Erectile Dysfunction Treatment in Charlotte

Charlotte's Most Trusted Erectile Dysfunction Specialist

The only center offering A to Z treatment for ED

Millions of men experience erectile dysfunction every year. There are variety of reasons why men develop problems with erectile dysfunction. These can be related medical problems where blood flow and nerves are not functioning optimally. Some examples of these causes are heart health issues, mental health issues such as anxiety or depression, alcohol or smoking, some prescription medications, and certain diseases. Men with diabetes, high blood pressure, or obesity may be at a higher risk for erectile dysfunction.

What is Erectile Dysfunction?

Aside from health issues, aging can be a major culprit for erectile dysfunction. As men get older, blood vessels in the penis are naturally affected, weakening to the point where they fill with micro-plaque. The congestion and clogging in blood vessels can make it more difficult for men to get erections because sensitivity in the penis is lowered.

Once you are diagnosed, Dr. John Hettiarachchi provides comprehensive treatments for erectile dysfunction at the Charlotte Center for Pelvic Health in Cornelius, North Carolina. Dr. Hettiarachchi has been treating men with ED for over 20 years and treats over 1,000 men each year. Call The Charlotte Center for Pelvic Health today at (704) 775-8464 and get your sex life back on track.

Are You Suffering From Erectile Dysfunction?

Common Causes of ED

More than 80% of men with erectile dysfunction can trace it back to a physical problem or disorder. It is generally quite simple to identify, after which a Dr. Hettiarachchi can recommend treatment that can help restore the patient's sexual experience.

Some examples of physical disorders that can cause ED are:

  • An injury (often to the brain or spine)
  • A disease (including diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol)
  • An operation (including prostate gland removal)
  • Use of substances like tobacco, drugs, alcohol, or certain medications

Common Symptoms of ED

While erectile dysfunction can be an issue which many men don’t want to talk about, it is important to know that you're not alone. Good news is that there are several solutions to the problem that don't involve surgery. Some of the symptoms of erectile dysfunction that Dr. Hettiarachchi looks for include:

  • The inability to achieve or maintain an erection
  • Low libido or sex drive
  • A decrease in fertility
  • Premature ejaculation
  • Lack of natural lubrication
  • Decreased sensitivity
  • Poor sexual stamina
  • Loss of pleasure in sexual encounters
  • The inability to achieve orgasm

What Treatment Options for ED are Available?

GAINSWave Acoustic Pulsewave Therapy

GAINSWave is a non-invasive, drug-free alternative to other ED treatments. APT uses pulses waves of energy to improve blood flow to the penis by breaking up plaque formation in blood vessels and stimulating the creation of new blood vessels. The pulse waves also stimulate new tissue growth for enhanced sensitivity in the penis.

The P-Shot PRP Treatments

The P-Shot treatment harvests plasma from your own blood. Only a small amount of blood is drawn and then we separate stem cells and growth factors from your red and white blood cells. The stem cells and growth factors comprise the PRP, which is then injected, pain free, into the penis. This treatment is proven to not only improve sexual performance, but can also increase the size of the penis.

Coloplast Penile Implants

The penile implant can be prescribed to men suffering from impotence or ED. In short, the penile implant,o r penile prosthesis, is a device placed into the penis designed to help him get an erection. The implant is custom-fit and surgically placed to produce a natural-looking and natural-feeling erection. Unlike other treatment options that may require a waiting time prior to be effective, the penile implant can be used at any time.

Dr. Hettiarachchi Customizes an ED Treatment Plan for You

Erectile Dysfunction Specialist in Charlotte, North Carolina - Dr. John HettiarachchiDr. John Hettiarachchi provides treatments for erectile dysfunction at the Charlotte Center for Pelvic Health in Cornelius.

He is a double board-certified urologist with subspeciality certification in pelvic medicine and reconstructive surgery. He was also elected into the American College of Surgeons. Dr. Hettiarachchi is the one of the only urologists in the Charlotte area that has all of the tools to treat ED under one roof.

Upon understanding your medical history and symptoms, Dr. Hettiarachchi customizes a treatment plan to help you improve your symptoms and/or  improve your sexual health. Treatment options recommended by Dr. Hettiarachchi include hormone therapy, GAINSWave, medications and surgical procedures for penile implants.

Dr. Hettiarachchi Customizes an ED Treatment Plan For You

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How is Erectile Dysfunction Diagnosed?

Your first appointment should last between 45 and 60 minutes. It will include:


Dr Hettiarachchi will take a thorough medical history in order to place your erectile dysfunction within a medical context. He will also take a full sexual history. This may include questions such as:
  • How long have you had the erectile dysfunction?
  • What happens when you try to have intercourse?
  • Do you have decreased rigidity?
  • Do you have difficulty maintaining your erection?
  • At what point do you lose your erection?
  • Do you wake up at any point with an erection?
  • How rigid are the nocturnal erections?
  • What is your sexual interest level (libido) like?
  • Does your penis have a curve, bend, or twist in it when it is rigid?
  • Is your ejaculation normal?
  • Is ejaculation early (premature) or delayed?
  • What is the status of your relationship?
  • How is the relationship going?
  • How is your ED affecting the relationship?
  • What medications have you tried in the past. Were they effective?

The surgical history including prostate procedures which may have affected the sexual function will be reviewed.


Dr. Hettiarachchi  will explain to you, in terms that you will understand, how erections work and why yours may not be working.

Physical Examination

Dr. Hettiarachchi focused physical examination on your penis and testes.


Dr. Hettiarachchi may perform a simple, completely painless test that measures how sensitive your penis is to vibration (biothesiometry) as well as perform specialized testing to assess the function of your penis. These may include:
  • A Rigi-scan to measure the quantity and quality of your nighttime erections. (This involves a simple machine that you take home with you.)
  • An ultrasound to measure the blood flow through the penis.

Blood tests are also done to measure hormone, cholesterol, and glucose status.

Once we have completed your evaluation, we will discuss ED treatment options with you. We will consider these options in light of your medical history, the physical and specialized testing that has been performed and, of course, what preferences you have stated.