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How do I get my mojo back?

How do I get my mojo back?

Is there a female Viagra?

You can get your MoJo back! In fact,we offer a number of treatments that can help with vaginal looseness and the loss of sensation during intimacy that can accompany it.

Most patients start with Kegel exercises to help strengthen the pelvic muscles. Unfortunately, though, Kegels don’t work for every woman. Our office is currently working with an effective, non-surgical option called Geneveve™ that helps to rebuild the collagen and elastic tissue in the vaginal canal. I’ve recently traveled to Hong Kong and seen its effectiveness there, but it has been used in other places around the world such as Asia, Europe, and South America for many years with great results. Geneveve™ is a unique treatment with a combination cryo (cooling) application on the surface and deep radiofrequency technology that helps stimulate an increase in collagen production along the vaginal opening, which helps tighten the area. It has been shown in studies to restore sexual arousal and sensation.

Another groundbreaking technology to treat vaginal atrophy and painful intercourse is the MonaLisa Touch®, which is a fractional CO2 laser that takes five minutes to perform. Our clinic was the first in Charlotte to use this treatment and has the most experience in providing this vaginal laser therapy to revitalize vaginal tissue back to premenopausal age.

There are additional options as well. We also use ThermiVA™ to revitalize the vaginal lining and increase lubrication, making intercourse more pleasurable. ThermiVA™ is also a radiofrequency technology and takes approximately 30 minutes. The Orgasm Shot®, or O-Shot®, procedure is a very specific method of using blood-derived growth factors to rejuvenate the vagina to help relieve women with urinary incontinence and sex problems. We inject the patients’ own special blood products into the clitoris and G-spot to enhance the orgasm. We have combined the O-Shot® with the other vaginal therapy options to restore sexual wellness.

Patients choose us for their care because we offer multiple technologies, and each patient’s care is individualized to meet that person’s needs. In addition, my experience as a urologist and reconstructive surgeon specializing in female pelvic medicine is unsurpassed in this region. Moreover, it is the mission of our entire team to make each person feel welcome, comfortable, and cared for.

Our patients are saying such things as, “I’m having sex like I’m 20 again!” In other words, their mojo is back! Now what about you? Move over, Viagra, and let’s work on getting your mojo back, too!


Dr. John Hettiarachchi, FACS FPMRS

Dr. John Hettiarachchi, FACS FPMRS