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Sedation Vasectomy

The Easiest Way to Power Through Your Vasectomy

Afraid it will Hurt? Check Out Our Sedation Vasectomy

The Charlotte Center for Pelvic Health is the first practice in North Carolina to offer sedation vasectomies. For this option, a nurse anesthetist will administer medication with vitals monitoring for twilight sedation during the 15-minute procedure. Any patients interested in this option will be telephone screened prior to the visit. The total cost of a sedation vasectomy is $1,100.

What is Involved with the Sedation Process?

Preoperatively we will meet and discuss your medical history in depth. We will discuss an anesthesia plan and get your written permission to receive the medication.

It is crucial that you don’t eat or drink anything eight hours prior to your procedure. If you need to take medication do so only with sips of water and no sooner than 2 hours prior to your appointment time.

Your sedation will consist of medication thru an IV that will ease you into a dream like sleep. This will help you to be comfortable and unaware during your procedure. The infusion of medicine will continue the entire time your surgeon is working. When your procedure is finished Dr. Hettiarachi stops the medication and you’ll quickly wake up.

It takes approximately 10 minutes for you to become comfortably aware of your surroundings. We continue to monitor you until the point that you are able to stand and dress and able to walk to the car with your family.

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