The No-needle, No-scalpel Vasectomy

Vasectomy is a Lot Easier Than You Thought

Vasectomy is the most effective form of birth control in which a male can participate. The Charlotte Center for Pelvic health offers Charlotte's least invasive, most convenient vasectomy. The no-needle, no-scalpel procedure is relatively painless, just as effective as other vasectomy techniques, and has an incredibly quick recovery time. The procedure usually takes approximately 20 minutes to perform.

With convenient appointment times, you can have your vasectomy on Friday and be back to work on Monday.

From providing you with the information you need to make the decision to walking you through the specifics of the procedure and recovery, we walk you through every step of the process.

Sedation Vasectomy

The Charlotte Center for Pelvic Health is the first in North Carolina to offer sedation vasectomies. For this option, a nurse anesthetist will administer Propofol with vitals monitoring for sedation during the 15-minute procedure. Any patients interested in this option will be telephone screened prior to the visit. The cost of a sedation vasectomy is an additional $200 to the vasectomy.


Vasectomy Overview:

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"Lovely and smooth experience! The Dr was really friendly and informative. Sedation was very nice...a pinch from the IV going into your vein is all the pain you will go through with the sedation vasectomy."



Dr. Hettiarachchi is a double board certified urologist and surgeon and has over 21 years of experience performing vasectomies. He is fully qualified to handle your individual case. Our team will be there throughout the entire process to answer any questions you may have.

Availability and Flexibility

Our team is available 24/7 to promptly answer any questions you may have via call, text message, or email. Please feel free to contact us both before and after your procedure. We offer flexible appointments to meet your busy schedule, with day and evening options on weekends and weekdays. You can choose either one or two visits for the process, and can schedule at either our Charlotte or Piedmont location.


We offer consultations for $250,  which eventually goes toward the total cost of the procedure ($800). These costs can be paid with credit card, cash, or checks.


Our team is happy to contact your insurance company for you, and inform you of your coverage. Depending on copays, deductibles, and consulting, the out-of-pocket cost can range from $0-$1100.


A $100 deposit is required to set an appointment, which will be contributed to the cost of the vasectomy. Deposits are forfeited if you do not show up for your appointment or cancel later than seven days prior to your appointment.

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