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Viveve Vaginal Therapy in Charlotte, NC

What is Viveve?

Millions of women suffer with vaginal laxity and the resulting loss of sexual sensation and satisfaction. The Viveve Treatment (formerly known as Geneveve) is a clinically-proven, single-session radio frequency vaginal treatment that safely and comfortably rejuvenates tissue and improves its responsiveness. Controlled-cooling protects the tissue surfaces from any damage and impacts the resistance of the epithelial layer which allows for greater penetration of the RF energy. Just like the skin, vaginal tissue changes over time. When collagen support fibers lose their youthful strength and vitality, a feeling of looseness called laxity, especially around the vaginal opening, occurs. Vaginal laxity is an extremely common medical condition caused by aging, childbirth, genetics and lifestyle. Millions of women suffer silently with vaginal laxity and the resulting loss of sexual sensation and satisfaction.

Viveve is not a cosmetic procedure, because it’s not about how you look, but how you feel. Viveve is a painless, non-surgical procedure performed by a pelvic specialist. Viveve is designed to treat vaginal laxity and therefore increase physical sensation during intercourse. It works at the cellular level to tighten the vaginal tissue gently and gradually.  Using a cyro component (cool sensation) combined with powerful radio-frequency energy, Viveve builds up collagen around the vaginal canal and opening. The collagen build up peaks at 3 months and usually only requires 1 treatment.  The treatment takes 30 minutes with no anesthesia or downtime.

Why Choose Viveve?

  • Single-session treatment
  • Consistent patient outcomes
  • Demonstrated clinical evidence


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