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What is the MonaLisa Touch Procedure?

What is the MonaLisa Touch Procedure?

Some women going through menopause experience a variety of symptoms, some of which may be painful. Vaginal discomfort may cause pain and intimacy issues with partners. Thankfully, the MonaLisa Touch procedure can change women’s lives and revive intimacy with their partners. This procedure may be the answer for women looking a solution to their painful menopause symptoms, and the Charlotte Center for Pelvic Health is the only clinic to offer it in the Charlotte area.

What Are Possible Symptoms of Menopause and Atrophic Vaginitis?

Some women may experience mild menopause symptoms. Others may feel uncomfortable from time to time, and still other women may feel discomfort to the point that it affects their daily lives and their ability to be intimate. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, you may have atrophic vaginitis. Some symptoms of atrophic vaginitis are:

  • Dryness
  • Burning
  • Itchiness
  • Urinary incontinence
  • Pain during intercourse

Seventy-five percent of women state these symptoms negatively affect their daily lives, but 63 percent of women were not aware atrophic vaginitis is a chronic condition. Sadly, 44 percent reported that they did not visit their gynecologist for a diagnosis and treatment. 

What Is the MonaLisa Touch Procedure?

MonaLisa Touch procedure treats atrophic vaginitis and gives women back their confidence and comfort with themselves again. The MonaLisa Touch procedure uses a laser vaginal rejuvenation, which stimulates the collagen in the vaginal walls to rehydrate and restore functional tissue. 

During the procedure, a vaginal probe is inserted and provides a gentle laser treatment that helps heal the vaginal wall. The treatment only takes about five minutes, and no anesthesia is needed. Just a light vibrating sensation may be felt during the procedure.

Women may need one to three treatments, depending on the seriousness of their symptoms. Sexual intercourse should be avoided for three to four days afterward the procedure, but the results can last as long as a year. The procedure can be repeated after a year, upon recommendation of your doctor. 

The Charlotte Center for Pelvic Health has three years of experience in MonaLisa Touch and has performed thousands of procedures to improve pelvic health. We care about increasing patients’ happiness through effective, safe, proven methods. Schedule a risk-free consultation today to learn more.

What Is the Purpose of the MonaLisa Touch Procedure?

The purpose of the procedure is to treat women who are suffering with atrophic vaginitis and to help these women feel less pain in their daily lives. This will also help women with their self-confidence and allow them to be intimate and feel sexual pleasure again.

For Whom Is the MonaLisa Touch Procedure?

The MonaLisa Touch procedure is for women who want to treat vaginal discomfort caused by estrogenic decrease. This usually happens because of menopause, after childbirth, after a cancer treatment, or because of an eating disorder such as anorexia. This treatment is ideal for women looking for a nonsurgical, less-invasive solution to pain and discomfort.

No woman should have to live with the negative effects of menopause, including struggling with intimacy and feelings of low self-confidence. The MonaLisa Touch procedure allows women to regain comfort and confidence in themselves and their bodies. 



Dr. John Hettiarachchi, FACS FPMRS

Dr. John Hettiarachchi, FACS FPMRS