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Clinical Treatments for Overactive Bladder

You’ve tried everything to prevent an overactive bladder, but you’re still experiencing embarrassing leaks that interfere with your life. You strengthen your pelvic floor muscles through exercises such as Kegel, but they aren’t enough to completely resolve the issue. Don’t worry – other treatments may be more effective. Clinically proven remedies such as Botox injections […]

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FDA Inquiry: Why You Need a Qualified Professional For Pelvic Health Treatments

At the Charlotte Center for Pelvic Health, patients are our first priority. Patients should expect their medical providers to deliver the most competent, beneficial advice and treatments available. That is why the statement released by the FDA on July 30, 2018 regarding treatments for “vaginal rejuvenation” is very concerning to us. The FDA’s statement details […]

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Is the Groundbreaking Emsella Treatment for Urinary Incontinence Right for You?

Women in Charlotte, North Carolina now have access to a brand-new treatment for urinary incontinence: Emsella. Emsella is a breakthrough treatment that’s non-invasive and non-surgical. Women are taking back their health, confidence, and lives with Emsella – without a single incision. Find out if Emsella is the right treatment for you, what to expect from […]

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Dr. Hettiarachchi on Charlotte Today: MonaLisa and BTL EmSella

The Charlotte Center for Pelvic Health uses the most effective treatments available to treat patients. The MonaLisa Touch is a five-minute, customized procedure that can be used to restore vaginal health and sexual function. The Charlotte Center for Pelvic Health has been treating patients with this procedure since 2015 to give women higher confidence quality […]

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