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Treatment for Vaginismus in Charlotte, NC

What is Vaginismus?

There are many problems women can experience relating to sex and intercourse. One of the problems that’s particular hard to deal with is vaginismus. The pain and discomfort that accompanies it can be enough to put women off penetration altogether.


Rather than allowing vaginismus to take over your life, we can help you understand this problem, what the causes are, and about possibly treatments to this painful problem.

Possible Treatments for Vaginismus

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More About Vaginismus


When your body has an automatic reaction to the idea of vaginal penetration, it could mean that you have vaginismus. It’s the kind of problem that originates in the mind but manifests itself in the body. It’s not something that the sufferer has any control over; it’s completely involuntary. It can make sexual intercourse uncomfortable or even impossible, even if other forms of sexual contact remain pleasurable.


Common Causes of Vaginismus


There are a few things in your past that might cause you to be experiencing vaginismus today. Here are a few examples that might sound familiar to you.


Fears About the Size of Your Vagina


Deeply held fears about the size of your vagina, in particular the fear that’s it’s not big enough for penetrative sex or an examination, may be what’s causing your problems. These fears manifest themselves in the form of contractions of the vaginal muscles, and are one of the most common causes of vaginismus.


Bad Sexual Experiences


If you have bad sexual experiences in your past, this might be what’s behind your struggles with vaginismus. The pain you felt might cause you to fear sex and assume that’s it’s always painful. It becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy and your body reacts to the situation by contracting the vaginal muscles, making it more painful.


Beliefs Relating to Sex


Some people have beliefs about sex being sinful or bad, and these can lead to problems like vaginismus. These beliefs might be ingrained from childhood but don’t cause these problems until later in life. It’s another example of how you think, that’s impacting your physical problems.


Painful Medical Conditions


Things like thrush can sometimes be the start of your problems with vaginismus. The pain of those problems can cause you to fear sex and penetration afterwards. This can lead to your body reacting in the wrong way to penetration, invoking pain and things like that.


Symptoms of Vaginismus


If you’re not entirely sure whether this is something that you’ve been experiencing, it’s important to know what the key symptoms are. There aren’t many of them, but here are the ones to be aware of.


Involuntary Tightening of the Vaginal Muscles


The first and most obvious example of a symptom of vaginismus is the involuntary tightening of the vaginal muscles. This is something that is instinctive and automatic. There is no input from the individuals themselves; they simply feel it happening without them wanting it to.


Fear of Penetration


If you have a fear of penetration, this might be caused by or have developed alongside vaginismus. It’s different for everyone, but the fact remains that people who fear penetration often also find that they eventually get diagnosed with this problem. So keep that in mind when assessing your own problems.


Painful Sex


When sex is immediately painful, it could be a clear and obvious sign that you are suffering from vaginismus. This is because the muscles in the vagina contract, making it tighter and therefore also making it more likely to hurt when you experience sex or any kind of penetration at all.


Treatment for Vaginismus at The Charlotte Center for Pelvic Health


There are a few key treatments out there that you can make the most of if you think that you’re experiencing vaginismus. These should be coordinated with the help and supervision of your doctor.


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