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About Cornelius

Cornelius is a charming lakeside town that’s nestled along the shores of Lake Norman, in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, which straddles the South Carolina border, giving residents easy access to the amenities available in both states. In the last census, the population of Cornelius was just shy of 25,000.


Lakeside living brings abundant cultural and recreational opportunities. Locals spend their summers swimming in nearby Lake Norman, which is the largest manmade body of water in North Carolina. The lake is also home to boating, fishing, jet skiing, and observing the local wildlife. Residents also enjoy an abundance of other recreational opportunities such as biking, hiking, jogging, and walking along one of the many available trails.


Cornelius is known for its good school system and desirable private schools, which makes it a mecca for upper middle-class families. The median income is higher than the national average.


Cornelius has also produced some famous names and faces. Two NASCAR drivers, Eric Jones and Kyle Busch, call Cornelius home. Thom Tillis, a US senator, also hails from the community. Cornelius is only a short drive away from other cultural places and their attractions, such as Charlotte, North Carolina, and the NASCAR Hall of Fame.

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