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ED (Erectile Dysfunction) Diagnosis

Helping Charlotte's Men Overcome ED

How Does the Diagnosis Process Work for ED?

Your first appointment should last between 45 and 60 minutes. It will include:


Dr Hettiarachchi will take a thorough medical history in order to place your erectile dysfunction within a medical context. He will also take a full sexual history. This may include questions such as:
  • How long have you had the erectile dysfunction?
  • What happens when you try to have intercourse?
  • Do you have decreased rigidity?
  • Do you have difficulty maintaining your erection?
  • At what point do you lose your erection?
  • Do you wake up at any point with an erection?
  • How rigid are the nocturnal erections?
  • What is your sexual interest level (libido) like?
  • Does your penis have a curve, bend, or twist in it when it is rigid?
  • Is your ejaculation normal?
  • Is ejaculation early (premature) or delayed?
  • What is the status of your relationship?
  • How is the relationship going?
  • How is your ED affecting the relationship?
  • What medications have you tried in the past. Were they effective?

The surgical history including prostate procedures which may have affected the sexual function will be reviewed.


Dr. Hettiarachchi  will explain to you, in terms that you will understand, how erections work and why yours may not be working.

Physical Examination

Dr. Hettiarachchi focused physical examination on your penis and testes.


Dr. Hettiarachchi may perform a simple, completely painless test that measures how sensitive your penis is to vibration (biothesiometry) as well as perform specialized testing to assess the function of your penis. These may include:
  • A Rigi-scan to measure the quantity and quality of your nighttime erections. (This involves a simple machine that you take home with you.)
  • An ultrasound to measure the blood flow through the penis.

Blood tests are also done to measure hormone, cholesterol, and glucose status.

Once we have completed your evaluation, we will discuss ED treatment options with you. We will consider these options in light of your medical history, the physical and specialized testing that has been performed and, of course, what preferences you have stated.